5 Ways To Save Money on RV Fuel This Summer

Save Money on RV Fuel This Summer

Don’t let high fuel costs discourage you from RVing this summer! You can save money on RV fuel and not break the bank when you vacation with the family. It doesn’t take much to get into the swing of reducing your consumption of fuel and also cutting down costs at the pump. The following suggestions will get you started down the road to RV fuel savings! So stop worrying about high prices and start enjoying your family getaways!

Ways to Save Money on RV Fuel This Summer

#1 Keep Up With Regular Maintenance

Performing regular maintenance (or having a professional do so) is the best way to prevent major issues on the road. Regular maintenance also helps save fuel, especially when your tires are properly inflated, batteries are fully charged, the air filter is cleaned, and all systems are in tip-top shape.

#2 Lighten Your Load

Cut back on fuel costs by packing only what you need or use on your RV vacation. Eliminating just a few items can take off hundreds of pounds, depending on the weight of the load. For instance, fill up with just enough fresh water to get to your destination, ditch supplies collecting dust in your rig, and consider leaving the tow vehicle at home.

#3 Maintain a Steady Speed

Keep your speed steady and take it easy after coming out of stops to help decrease fuel consumption. Speeding and rapid acceleration drastically lower gas mileage. As a vehicle increases speed, it uses more energy (and more fuel) to overcome the increased air resistance. So slow it down and enjoy the journey.

#4 Cut Costs With Gas-Saving Programs

Another way to save money on RV fuel is by signing up for Fuel Station Loyalty Memberships like Good Sam which offers fuel discounts at Flying J and Pilot stations. Also, look into Fuel Rewards Credit Cards, where users can earn cashback or credit for money spent. GasBuddy is an service that helps drivers find the cheapest gas nearby. The program’s prepaid gas card can help folks save even more.

#5 Extend Your Stay

Save money on RV fuel by staying at a location longer. Many RV resorts like Sunlight Resorts are vacation destinations in their own right; plus, they may offer lower rates for longer stays. If you haven’t already, treat the family to a fun-filled getaway at one of our Sunlight Resorts in sunny Florida! Our premier properties, the Resort Canopy Oaks in Lake Wales and the soon-to-open Champions Run in Ocala, offer impressive savings on extended stays throughout the summer! For example,

Save on Fuel and Your Stay When You Extend Your RV Vacation at Sunlight Resorts!

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