6 Little Known Facts About Florida Snowbirds

Florida Snowbirds

It’s almost that time of year again…Snowbird Season! Beginning in October, folks from New York, the Midwest, Canada, and any state where the temperature is frigid, flock to the southern states, especially the Sunshine State. The life of Florida snowbirds is one filled with outdoor activity, plenty of socializing, and spending time in picturesque, tropical settings. If you are not privy to this ever-growing, ever-evolving demographic, the following are fun facts about snowbirds.

Fun Facts About Florida Snowbirds

Fun Fact #1: The Term “snowbirds” is Not New

The term was initially used in the early 1920s to describe migrant workers headed south for the winter. It wasn’t until the late 1970s that it transitioned to meaning northerners moving to southern states in the winter, mainly retired tourists. (However, this demographic is evolving to include non-retired folks and families.)

Fun Fact #2: Florida Becomes Quite Crowded in the Winter

The population goes up over 5% every year during the snowbird season.

Fun Fact #3: Canadians Make Up the Bulk of International Winter Visitors

Specifically, 4 out of 5 international snowbirds come from Canada.

Fun Fact #4: Snowbirds Significantly to the Area’s Economy

Florida snowbirds don’t just hang out and then leave. They pay real estate taxes, grocery shop, buy gas, go out to eat, sightsee, and some work seasonal jobs.

Fun Fact #5: It’s Not Just the Weather Beaconing Snowbirds to Florida

Winter visitors don’t just seek warmer weather; they often come for their health. With all sorts of outdoor activities to enjoy under the sun, it’s easy to stay active during the winter.

Fun Fact #6: The Pickleball Court is Where it’s At!

Speaking of staying healthy, the game that blends ping pong, tennis, and badminton is popular among snowbirds. Pickleball is also a low-impact sport, making it an ideal sport for various ability levels.

Flock To The Sunshine State and Stay With Us

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