Tips To Keep Your RV Cool In Late Spring or Summer

Keep Your RV Cool

As temperatures heat up for the late spring and early summer season, keeping your RV comfortably cool becomes important. The following tips can help you save a little energy and help keep your RV cool when you visit the Sunshine State.

Clean Your AC Air Filter

Dusty or dirty air conditioning filters can block airflow and cause your unit to cool less efficiently. Many RV air conditioner filters are reusable and can be washed with soap and water. You may find that either replacing your aging filter or washing your replaceable one gains you some much desired cooling power.

Keep The Sun Out

There’s nothing better than catching some rays out by the pool or renting a private poolside cabana to get the best of both shade and sunny worlds. On the other hand, RVs can heat up quickly when the sun shines through windows throughout the day. You can help your AC do its job and keep your RV cool by keeping the shades on the sunny side of the rig drawn throughout the day.

Embrace LEDs

If your RV doesn’t already have LEDs, it may be time to switch up those incandescent bulbs. LEDs use less power, and they also run a lot cooler, which adds less heat to your RV.

Try Cooking Outside

Cooking inside adds a lot of heat. Cooking outside can be more fun, and it will also keep the heat out of the RV and in your food where it belongs. In Lake Wales, Florida, the evening temps drop to a comfortable 65 to 70 degrees on average during the late spring through summer, which is perfect grilling weather.

Book one of our Platinum RV sites that come with a built-in stand-up stainless steel grill to keep your RV cool without hauling a grill around with you on your RV trip.

Keep Your RV Cool And Yourself At The Resort at Canopy Oaks

One of the most refreshing things is an ice-cold drink or frozen food like ice cream when you’re feeling warm. We’ve got you covered on both counts at The Resort at Canopy Oaks. Enjoy a refreshing ice-cold blended drink at the Tiki Bar or head over to the Ice Cream Shop for a cold treat. They’re just a couple of the many amenities available when you stay at our award-winning resort.

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