An Excursion to Lake Kissimmee State Park

Lake Kissimmee State Park

A Perfect Day Out From The Resort at Canopy Oaks Luxury RV Resort

Just a half-hour drive from the Resort at Canopy Oaks Luxury RV Resort, Lake Kissimmee State Park is an oasis of natural beauty and outdoor activities that’s open year-round. Here’s why it’s the perfect destination for a day trip, whether you’re a family on vacation or a snowbird seeking new adventures.


Activities Galore at Lake Kissimmee State Park
At Lake Kissimmee State Park, There’s Something for Everyone
  • For nature lovers, the park is a bird watcher’s paradise, boasting a diverse range of habitats that attract an array of waterfowl and birds of prey. You might even catch a glimpse of the Florida scrub jay in the scrub habitats throughout the park​​.
  • For those who love being out on the water, the park offers an impressive 35,000 acres of Lake Kissimmee and neighboring lakes and creeks to explore. You can launch your boat from the park’s on-site ramp and marina and enjoy a day of wildlife viewing, sightseeing, and fishing​.
  • Anglers will find a haven at Lake Kissimmee State Park. With its prime location bordering Lakes Kissimmee, Rosalie, and Tiger, it boasts some of the premier fishing locales in Florida. Without a boat? No problem! You can cast your line from the canal banks, marina, or dam. Get ready to hook species like largemouth bass, crappie, catfish, chain pickerel, and bluegill.
  • The park is also an excellent destination for hikers. With 13 miles of trails, hikers and mountain bikers can encounter a variety of wildlife and enjoy scenic views of pine flatwoods, oak hammocks, freshwater marshes, and Lake Kissimmee itself. There’s a self-guided nature trail, two loop trails, and a spur trail leading out to the lake to choose from.
  • For those who love a good treasure hunt, the park offers geocaching. This high-tech treasure-hunting game uses GPS and is a fun, interactive way to explore the park. The excitement of the search and the joy of discovering new places are the true rewards of this activity​​.
A Look Back in Time

Lake Kissimmee State Park carries a fascinating history. Back in the Civil War days, this region was a cattle farming hotspot, providing for the Confederate Army and engaging in trade with Cuba. This cattle farming legacy continued after the war, shaping the area as we know it today.

A Day to Remember

No matter the season, Lake Kissimmee State Park provides a plethora of activities that guarantee a memorable day out from the Resort at Canopy Oaks Luxury RV Resort. Whether you’re bird-watching, boating, fishing, hiking, or geocaching, the park’s natural beauty and rich history offer a unique experience for all ages. Plan your visit today!


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