RV Pool Noodle Hacks: Not Just for the Pool Anymore

RV Pool Noodle Hacks

Those colorful foam tubes you see bobbing in the pool, known as pool noodles, are not just for swimming anymore. In the world of RV pool noodle hacks, these simple objects become tools of convenience and fun. Let’s dive into some ingenious hacks that can add a touch of creativity to your stay at the Resort at Canopy Oaks Luxury RV Resort.


6 RV Pool Noodle Hacks
1. Railing Cover

A pool noodle can provide an excellent, wide grip for your railing, making it easier and safer to climb those steps into your RV.

2. Windshield Wiper Covers

Protect your windshield wipers from sun exposure by sliding a pool noodle over each one when you’re parked at your RV site.

3. Tablecloth Holder

Forget about those pesky tablecloth clips. Just slice a pool noodle lengthwise, wrap it around the edge of your picnic table, and your tablecloth will stay put, even on the breeziest of days.

4. Edge Protectors

Our fourth RV pool noodle hack: attach pool noodles to the corners of your bed, the edges of your slide-out, or any other sharp corners in your RV. It’s a simple way to prevent bumps and bruises.

5. Microwave Tray Stabilizer

A piece of pool noodle cut slightly taller than your microwave and compressed can hold that ever-rattling tray in place as your RV travels down bumpy roads.

6. Refrigerator Door Gap Holder

When storing your RV, it’s important to keep the fridge and freezer doors open to prevent moisture build-up and mold. A small piece of pool noodle sliced open can be placed on the seal of the doors. This ensures the doors stay ajar, preventing any accidental closures.

These RV pool noodle hacks are just a few of the many ways you can enhance your RV experience. And while you’re enjoying these hacks, don’t forget to take advantage of the first-class amenities and activities at the Resort at Canopy Oaks Luxury RV Resort. From our resort-style swimming pool to our full-service tiki bar, there’s something for everyone. So, next time you’re packing for your trip, remember to throw in a few pool noodles. They’re not just for the pool anymore.


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