Don’t Be Left In The Dust With These RVing Terms

RVing TermsHow versed are you in RV jargon? The RVing community has a language all its own. For those new to this lifestyle, your friends at Sunlight Resorts have put together a list of commonly used RVing terms and their definitions. Pretty soon, you’ll be navigating conversations with fellow RVers with ease!





Common RVing Terms and Their Definitions

Full-Timer: Someone who lives in an RV all year

Rig: Another word for RV

Boondocking or Dry Camping: RVing terms meaning self-sufficient camping with zero access to electric, water, or sewer hookups

Bumper Pull: Another name for a travel trailer

Class A Motorhome: An RV that looks like a bus

Diesel Pusher: A Class A Motorhome with a diesel engine in the rear

Towables: RVs designed to be pulled by another vehicle

Toad or Dinghy: Car towed behind a motorhome

Dolly: A trailer used to tow a car with its front wheels on the tow dolly and rear wheels on the ground

Flat Towing: Pulling a vehicle behind a motorhome without using a trailer

Class B Motorhome or Camper Van: Smallest of the motorhome family built on a van chassis

Class C Motorhome: A motorhome with a “cab-over” profile that typically makes room for a bed

Toy Hauler: Usually a travel trailer or fifth wheel built with a garage to carry all kinds of cargo like ATVs, motorcycles, etc., for camping adventures

RV Hookups: An RV site that has access to fresh water, electricity, and sewer

Shore Power: The electrical pole that an RV plugs into at a park

Fresh Water: The tank in the RV that stores clean, potable water

Grey Water: Used water from your RV shower and sinks

Black Water: Wastewater from your RV toilet

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Many Fun Holiday Events

Plus, with the holidays approaching and exciting events like…

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet up with fellow travelers so you can practice using your new RVing terms!

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